Lucinda tries to contact her GP. Like so many others. The horror of benzo CT.

The following link is to a video made by Lucinda to physically show he doctor what he has done to her by abruptly discontinuing her medication. It is heart wrenching.

Is it not uncommon to see such pleas on Facebook and YouTube from desperate patients trying to contact their doctors after cold turkeys, deregistrations and when akathasia has occurred.

We hope that in the future there will be more awareness and that cold turkeys are made a strike-offable offence by doctors. In the meantime patients can only hope for the compassion of the doctors who have put them in this situation.

We in the benzodiazepine community hope that brave Lucinda can be heard by her GP.

“Get a new GP” is an easy thing for people to say but many are rightly fearful in this state that the wrong conclusions could be drawn by a new doctor who doesn’t know what the patient was like before and that in this state a person is highly vulnerable to serious psychiatric misdiagnosis and sectioning and/or further polydrugging. This was the case of Ada in the ITV documentary “Ada versus Ativan” in 1986 who stated this on camera that it was her biggest fear.

This was also the fear of Stephanie whose who lost her life to benzos last year due to lack of doctor understanding when she developed Benzodiazepine related akathasia. Her own video which was posted on FB shows her harrowing suffering. This shouldn’t be happening.

When changing GP some doctors refuse to issue any new continued benzodiazepine prescription or demand a massive and sudden dose reduction. (This happened to me in the UK on several occasions when moving practices).

This puts patients at risk of a cold turkey as Lucinda is going through. There have been cases of patients dying from ct or by the time they have found a GP willing to prescribe having to updose substantially (not recommended) in order to stabilise then taper.

This is the terrible human cost of GP stubbornness and lack of awareness.

There is also the case of Fiona in Scotland who even after coming through this ordeal alive now blogs daily to the media and politicians to get recognition of her hugely disabling benzodiazepine induced brain injury. It is unacceptable that patients are forced into these situations.

Lucinda is an extremely courageous woman who trusted her doctor. I hope he will see her video, understand and do whatever he can to educate himself and help her.


One thought on “Lucinda tries to contact her GP. Like so many others. The horror of benzo CT.

  1. It surely is very distressing to watch Lucinda on camera, just as it was equally distressing to watch Stephanie also. Many are suffering but most will not appear visibly impaired in this way. We can try to describe the horrors of our suffering but of course it is difficult to put into words. After 40 years of consuming benzodiazepines, I happened to change GP practice. As a result of my new GP’s recently confessed ignorance, I suffered hell and torture for 3.5 years and am now disabled. He now tells me he has no understanding of protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, yet he was willing to risk my health by advising me to come off the drug. I tapered over 3 months, he had planned to taper me over a few weeks. Had we followed his plan, I imagine he would have either killed me or I would have spent the rest of my life in a care home for the elderly as has happened to other patients. As things stand, I am able to stay at home but have lost most of my independence.


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