ITV coverage.

A massive thank you to ITV for what is, without doubt, the best UK news coverage we have had in recent years.

The benzo community owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the relentless campaigning of Barry Haslam and the participants in this piece.

Please sign the petition for an independent inquiry below

Watch ITV’s broadcast here.


One thought on “ITV coverage.

  1. A public enquiry is surely long overdue, particularly when experts call such harmful & devastating hidden suffering, A Medical Disaster, worldwide. How many millions like me have heard doctors repeat “I don’t know”…& yet ignore decades of facts on side-effects & prescribe more harm ?
    My records show that I was prescribed the benzodiazepine Valium as a muscle relaxant after a neck injury & that I soon suffered severe & prominent side-effects, with repeated instruction to my GP to withdraw & stop the meds completely. Yet against repeated instructions & all regulations, misprescribing continued 25years. Ending abruptly when my GP insisted on a cold turkey withdrawal, resulting in a massive & completely life-changing seizure & brainstem stroke event, complete paralysis, locked-in-type- syndrome, etc. Since, for almost 9 years I’m left to suffer the constant hellish consequences of neurotoxicity & a new autoimmune type deterioration, with intermittent paralysis from the waist down, etc; plus a significantly abnormal brain scan – but with no medical recognition, help or support. Quite the opposite in fact !


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