Pernicious Anemia.

I have been diagnosed by more than one consultant now as suffering from Pernicious Megobalstic Anemia since birth.

I received my first B12 injection two days ago.

I will not be writing any further blogs for the time being.

But I will, in time, set up a new blog about the suffering the doctors at Brownhill Surgery caused me and my family by missing the signs of genetic Pernicious Anemia in three generations of my family, for sneering at and minimising our symptoms, by forcing me to try to live independently when I was not well…by overdrugging on substances that further deplete B12 and then deregistering.

Benzos cause brain damage and alzhiehemers.

Pernicious anemia causes brain damage and alzhiehemers.

@DrPhama@BrownhillSurgery #yearsofmisdiagnosis.


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